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根據美國政府聯邦國土安全部贊助的一項計畫,最受歡迎的開放原始碼軟體,往往也是程式錯誤最少的軟體。這項計劃將始於2006年元月的贊助,屬於為期三年的「開放原始碼強化計畫」(Open Source Hardening Project)。
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PeoForm is a foresighted company. PeoForm is specialized in designing, developing and implementing online platforms for the public and corporate clients. PeoForm provides a wide variety of platform solutions, for example, e-commerce portal, virtual community, online marketing and even more.

Peo.Form - platform for people




  1. Platform for people
  2. Collaboration >> Competition
  3. Come and join us! “YOU” are part of “US”!
  4. We believe in inter-connecting rather than competing
  5. We extend your network to every corners of the earth
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