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根據美國政府聯邦國土安全部贊助的一項計畫,最受歡迎的開放原始碼軟體,往往也是程式錯誤最少的軟體。這項計劃將始於2006年元月的贊助,屬於為期三年的「開放原始碼強化計畫」(Open Source Hardening Project)。
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In line with our belief - “YOU” are part of “US”, we have been providing innovative platform solutions that can make your life easier and add more fun to your routine daily schedule.

Please visit our Demo Site ( & to see how we revolutionize this lovely world:

- Photo Gallery, file sharing, giving comment and voting

- e-commerce portal

- online showroom

- online marketing

- virtual community

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